fast eddie clarke

You know what it's like when you get handed a copy of a solo album by an artiste who has been with name bands in the past. These offerings normally turn out to be of a completely different style to what you'd expect and often, some type of 'off-the-wall, get it off your chest' affair.

WELL BOLLOCKS TO ALL OF THAT!! This is Fast Eddie that we're talking about here and this man does not do 'off-the-wall, get it off your chest' affairs. In short- this album kicks- BIG TIME!! The title says it all really and the fat lady hasn't even arrived at the studio yet! When she does, she'll have to leave and come back another day.

One man who did make it to the studio though was Lemmy. Heavy rock annals contain various rumours of spats and bust-ups between Eddie and Lemmy in the years after Eddie's departure from Motorhead. Some of these stories may contain grains of truth but what everybody fails to report on is the mutual and undying respect that these two legends have for each other. The truth can often be disguised by sensationalistic journalism but nobody can deny that a track such as 'Laugh At the Devil' is a fusion of remarkable talents. There is a wonderful story about how this track came to be but I will save that for another time. This is about music- pure, loud and heavy. The riff is pure Motorhead! Lemmy's vocals are- well, typical Lemmy and that is- uniquely powerful! The rhythm section is extremely tight, as they are throughout the whole album and there's a blinding Fast Eddie solo in there as well…. Listen to it…. It's more Motorhead than Motorhead.

It is worth mentioning at this point, the rhythm section of Pete Riley and Mel Gabbitas and how they handle the complex beat of 'Lyin' Ain't Right' with style and precision. This track is an Eddie classic. The whole album rocks at a frenetic pace and the rhythm section do an admirable job.

Eddie still insists that he cannot sing and many thousands of listens to 'Hot, Straight and Normal' have failed to convince him otherwise. Truth is, Eddie would have made a fine frontman because he has the voice for it and evidence of that is not only the vocal on this particular track but the lack of comparisons that spring to mind. Maybe those 6 years with Motorhead have done untold damage to Eddie's hearing but the voice is in great shape though and is consistently brilliant throughout the whole album.

OK, 'Make My Day'. That isn't a threat but a promise. A promise that anyone listening to this memorable instrumental will want to hear it again and again and again. I still can't decide whether I prefer the later version from On Target- Reworked but one thing is certain. This track is powerful!! You'll be repeating the hook in your head, on your way to work after one listen! Incidentally, the sound of the wind, heard in the intro comes courtesy of a 50,000 strong choir from Liverpool. Stay posted for stories.

Some musicians reach an early creative nemesis and then burn out in a fashion-following fit of pique and consequently disappear off the face of the planet. Eddie and some others are more true to their fans and to their cause. It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over proves that, so Eddie- Hurry up and do the next one!!

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