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This extract was taken from Alan Burridge's Motorhead biography:

His first band at the age of 15 was called 'The Bitter End', but here he talks of his times with the bands he made records with:-

Eddie:-"I was with Curtis Knight, (whose main claim to fame was that a certain James Marshall Hendrix played guitar in his mid-sixties band), and made two albums with him during our eighteen months together; one Olympic, one at CBS. Seventy quid I got off him in eighteen months, and he got twenty grand up front from his book, (a suprisingly good biography of Hendrix called "Jimi"').


What happened was, I had a friend who was getting something together, right, he played guitar but wasn't very good; but I used to go around jamming with him. He suddenly said, 'I've got a studio for the night', so I said 'Right'. Nicky, who was the keyboard player from Curtis Knight, Chris, who was the drummer and myself; we went down there. We didn't have a bass player, but we did these sessions... it was in Command Studios at Piccadilly where some of the Deep Purple stuff was done. Anyway, we did four tracks and three of 'em we nearly got finished; but we didn't have a singer, but they sounded fuckin' over the top. So we managed to get a deal with Anchor Records and we called it Blue Goose. So I left Curtis with the other two. Curtis was gonna beat' em up for leaving ... it was really funny.

Eventually Anchor gave us some dough: but this guy, the other guitarist, he used to plug into my gear and I used to say: 'If you're as loud as me, I won't be able to hear myself when I do a solo'. So we had a big argument about it and I got sacked. Five days later they were asking me back, but I said 'fuck off' 'cause my pride was affected. I mean Anchor had put a lot of money into us and were getting nothing in return. Now I'm a loyal bastard. They'd shown faith in us and we weren't returning it.

Straight after Blue Goose, I got a band together with Charlie Tumalhi from Bill Nelson's band and a chick singer and this little drummer from Australia called Jim, who was fuckin' great. We were down at Track Studios, off Tottenham Court Road; they had a little four track studio... it used to be Speedy Keen's. We had an afternoon down there, 'cause the guy who was the engineer, he knew all these guys and put this thing together. We didn't rehearse it once, just jammed on it. This chick singer, boy, she was ... and I tried to get a deal on it with Anchor, I said, you know... 'I got another band now'. So they said: 'Yeah, we'll get you an eight track studio to make some demos'. Unfortunatley, I said' Eight track Studio?, you can do better than that!' So they didn't give us a deal or anything. It was good though, for off the cuff it was great. If Curtis Knight taught me one thing, he taught me discipline; 'cause if you didn't have anything of his discipline... he beat the fuck out of you. That's one thing that I learnt from that guy that I'm really grateful for."

CURTIS KNIGHT AND ZEUS: Curtis Knight and Zeus (Philips)- Only released in Europe.
THE SECOND COMING: Curtis Knight and Zeus (Dawn DNLS 3060)
Side 1: Zeus/ New Horizon/ Silver Queen/ Mysterious Lady/ Road Song
Side 2: People, Places and Things/ Cloud/ Eyes of a Child/ The Confession/ Oh Rainbow

Recorded at CBS and Olympic Studio- March 1974.

Eddie wrote the music to Curtis' lyric for 'The Confession'. He also played on the single 'Devil Made Me Do It'/Oh Rainbow' (Dawn DNS 1049).

Jimi Hendrix had a lot of influence on both Eddie and Lemmy. It seems strange how fate brought the two of them together in Motorhead. After Lemmy being roadie for Jimi, Jimi playing for Curtis in his early bands: and then Eddie playing for Curtis in Zeus!

BLUE GOOSE- Blue Goose (Anchor Records ANCL 2005)
Side 1: Struttin' Stuff/ The Chorus/ Call On Me/ Loretta
Side 2: Snowman/ Over The Top/ Let Me Know/ Inside Yourself

Nick Hogarth- Keyboards: Chris Perry- Drums: Mike Todman- Acoustic & electric guitars: Nick South- Bass: Allan Callan- Guitar, synth, vocals:

Eddie had left the band for some time before this album was released, his contribution being 'Over The Top', which he co-wrote with Hogarth and Perry.

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