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They didn’t have to wait long before calls started to arrive from America. ‘Easy ’Livin’’ had been released as a single and some radio stations had started to play the B-side, ‘Say What You Will’. This particular track was going down a storm and the band were quickly booked to tour the States for what turned out to be a six month stint. They were given difficult support slots with Iron Maiden and AC/DC but won the fans over and sold over 400,000 albums in the process.

A week before Christmas 1983, the band returned to England to prepare for the recording of the next album. The Christmas break obviously did them good because ‘All Fired Up’ was and still is a great record. The band were really ‘fired up’ at this point and with sales of ‘Fastway’ still rising and a successful US tour under their belts, the mood was just right to create a really great album. Once again produced by Eddie Kramer, Eddie’s guitar playing is truly outstanding on this recording and Dave King turns in one of the best vocal performances of his career. The first single from ‘All Fired Up’ was ‘Tell Me’ and as soon as the album received it’s first American airplay, the offers to tour came thick and fast. Fastway supported Ratt, The Scorpions, Rush and Billy Squire throughout a repeat performance of the previous year’s excursions. Although they received much critical acclaim, the sales of ‘All Fired Up’ did not quite match up to those of ‘Fastway’ and when the band returned to England in November 1984, Gerry and Charlie decided that they wanted to pursue other projects. Eddie knew that there was a lot of mileage left in Fastway and after a short break, he re-joined Dave King in Ireland and set about putting together a new Fastway line up.

Early in 1985, Eddie went to Ireland and it was there that he and Dave King put together Fastway MkII with the members of Dave’s old band. This made the band a five piece and together, they started writing ‘Waiting For the Roar’. Eddie had met ZZ Top’s engineer, Terry Manning and he agreed to produce the new album. ‘Waiting For the Roar’ was recorded in Abbey Road studios and even included a 58 piece orchestra on certain tracks. Fastway toured extensively in 86 and supported AC/DC across Europe where, yet again, they went down a storm. As soon as the tour was completed, an offer came in to write and record the soundtrack for a new movie called ‘Trick or Treat’. The result was astonishing and there is no doubt that the film would not have been as successful if it wasn’t for the strength of the original soundtrack. This is even more remarkable when you consider that the music had to be written to a deadline.

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