fast eddie clarke

Dee Snider, January 2002

Fast Eddie Clarke really impressed the hell out of me with how down to earth
he was. Even though Motorhead were a huge band at the time--and Twisted Sister were just starting out--he was ready to get down an dirty, and tear it up for a friend (Pete Way) and some struggling upstarts (that would be us.) We recorded our first album in a barn in the English countryside and I can still see Fast Eddie Clark and Jay Jay French, face to face alternately taking swigs out of a bottle of Jack Daniels and ripping off killer leads.

I am most proud of how instrumental me and the Twisted guys were in reuniting Fast Eddie and Lemmy (as friends) on stage at the Reading Festival. We met both those guys dead in the middle of the ugliness of their separation. I said some things to both of them about not letting the press fire them up and how they should try to remember the good years they had together. I don't know if it had an affect, but when Lemmy stepped out onto the stage to join us, Pete Way and Eddie in the Rolling Stones classic "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll...
...I saw God. And He loves Heavy Metal!"

Many thanks to Dee and Dave Iron Road from for these words.

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